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CoFlex TLC Calamine

CoFlex TLC Calamine LITE: LITE COMPRESSION 25-30 mmHg, For patients with an ABI > 0.5

CoFlex TLC Calamine STANDARD: STANDARD COMPRESSION 35-40 mmHg, For patients with an ABI > 0.8

  • Layer 1 is a medicated foam comfort roll impregnated with Calamine
  • Layer 2 is a non-latex moisture-resistant cohesive compression bandage that sticks directly to the first layer
  • Applies as easily and cleanly as a dry foam first layer without the Unna Boot mess
  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Kit includes nylon stocking to use over the top of the system for easy in movement
  • No indentation or skin breakdown
  • Easy-to-wear in any clothing or footwear
  • Available in Lite & Standard options
  • Full HCPCS Reimbursement: Layer 1: A6456 Layer 2:A6452

Colors, Prints and Sizes

CoFlex TLC Calmine

Catalog #SizeRolls/Case
8840UBC-TN Layer 1" 4" x 6 yds. Layer 2: 4" x 7 yds. 8

Colors Available:
Tan (TN)

U.S. PATENT NOS. 5.762.623, 6.156.424, 8.779.230 B2  EUROPEAN PATENT NO. 0839222  EUROPEAN & CANADIAN PATENT PENDING